Pretty Things: Morning Moon Vintage

While I was looking for Sundress inspiration, I stumbled across Morning Moon Vintage over on Etsy. While they had a lot of simple boho, they also had some lovely pieces that I would be scrambling to buy if I saw them at a thrift store (as it is, I can’t see myself buying anything for even $20). Even so, here was some of the pretty things I found.

BEADED Black SILK DRESS, Vintage Lawrence Kazan cocktail dress, Retro Boho bling, knee-length, short sleeves, 1980s sexy bohemian party, L

This lovely beaded dress. Just look at that neckline!

The interesting details on this blue, blouson dress.

The absolute stunner of a dress! I’m almost glad it’s several sizes too small, but I’d never pay $100 for any one item of clothing.

I’d love to have this dress in my closet, but I’d probably spill something on it, if we’re being honest.

Love how cute the pintucks look.

And the front looks so interesting, even though it would probably look a little weird on a person.

Vintage BLACK VELVET DRESS, Sleeveless Knee Length, 70s 60s Retro Cocktail Party Prom Formal, Gothic Boho Elegant sexy wiggle Mad Men, Small

This one looks so luscious, but that’s probably because it fits the dress form so well.

I liked the look of this dress, but I would really love to see it on a person.

This coat was super awesome! It’s soo pretty in wool AND lined in silk! -sigh- this is why I don’t peruse Etsy.

Love the contrast of the shinny ribbon, but it would make my hips look huuuge!

Gothic Boho DRESS, VINTAGE Lanz, DESIGNER 1980s, deep green & black paisley print, black velvet collar, Folkloric details, Rayon midi/maxi

This coat was really nifty, and would tickle the right person absolutely pink!

BURGUNDY VELVET Midi, Button-Down DRESS, Elegant Velour Wine Red, Long sleeves, Vintage Gothic Bohemian Stevie Nicks Gypsy Witch, 1990s, P/S

I really like the shawl collar with that deep red velvet!

And that was all of the really cool things I found! They also do some pretty good vintage basics (though I think they count 90’s as vintage) with most of it from the 70’s.


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