Sundress: Planning for a S1606

Ye gods, WordPress has not been publishing all of my scheduled posts lately. Or maybe I’ve only been clicking the date and not the schedule button.

Anyhoo, I’ve recently been trying to work with what I have available from my stash or refashion pile and also using natural materials. Also coupled with the fact that I primarily wear moss green, deep red, black, brown, and cream, my choices are severely limited. I’m also trying -not- to buy more pattern and cull the ones I do have, but that particular stash gives me more options.

File_003 (2)

Digging through my stash, I found a lovely green I put away from a super sale, because I thought I would never use it for a dress, especially after my first make here, my green S1104. I kinda knew, even then, that I really hate acetate lining, but I was trying not to buy fabric.


Rather than try to over-make this pattern, I found Simplicity 1606.

Simplicity Pattern 1606 Misses' & Miss Petite Amazing Fit Dress

I’ve chosen to make view A, but change the halter top to just straps and omit the boning, because I want something comfortable and the linen is going to wrinkle anyway.

I do have a way I plan on embellishing the fabric, but I plan on doing something of a tutorial for that so I’m keeping it a little secret. However, the materials I’m waiting on could take until the 26th, so that post might be a while in coming.

In the meantime, though, I thought I would share some sundress inspiration, especially considering I’m going to need more of the things.

I liked this white one from Modcloth because I thought it would be easy to alter from the overlay of S1606 above.

I liked the creative use of paneling in this dress, also on Modcloth, if not that sickly color.

I know all of this sexy lacing is all the rage now, which I think looks nice with the princess seams, but if I were to make this Modcloth dress, I would definitely add a modesty panel.

I really like this classy in the front, sexy in the back dress. I’m not fond of the print or the weird tan buttons, but if I were to recreate it, I would raise the back so it would be more bra-friendly. At the time of writing this post, it’s still for sale on Etsy.



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