Sewing Plan: Yes, an Update Already

I’ll admit, that last sewing plans post was sort of spur of the moment, what do I want/ what pretty things have I looked at lately/what I just noticed was missing in my closet.

In this regard, I’ve decided to write a follow-post, showing how what changed, now that I’ve actually thought about it.

Change #1:

Push back my jacket plans. Mainly because I wanted to push up a much more season appropriate garment, but also because it’s summer in Texas and I’m addictively slurping down hot tea (madness, but so good) and have one hot pit-bull mix sharing my chair (I expect to be shoved on the floor in five minutes when she shifts in her sleep).

Change #2

Place a new sundress at the top of my list, after the apron, because, even though I discovered one more dress in my closet,  I actually plan on going outside this summer. I have my fabric, pattern traced and ready to go, discovered the fabric content, but more on that tomorrow.

Change #3

Thrift a bag and then embellish. This way I won’t have that many qualms about potentially messing up and probably have a great product. I’ll tackle a full bag once I do more research, I think.

Those are the most major changes I’ve made to the list and the ones I’ve pretty much settled on. I’m still back and forth with the tap pants, and I’m thinking of drafting (!) a 1930’s bathing suit, probably removing the underwear from the list until I just HAVE to have a new bra, and I still have no idea on what special project I want to do.


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