Almost for a Competition: Grace #1

So, inevitably, I goofed when planing my Monthly Stitch projects. I had originally planned on entering into both the One Pattern Two Ways competition (I did make the final 14, but alas no prize) and the RTW (ready to wear) competition. Looking over it one more time before I started writing, silly me discovered that two garments were necessary. Whoops!

I only ended up with one garment and no specific look, so I thought I’d go ahead and blog about what I did make!

This is the first Grace that I made, paired with my red M6994.

And here’s what I started with!

Here’s an up-close shot of the fabric:

When I originally planned on submitting this to the RTW contest, I drew inspiration from all of the caged bralets floating around my pinterest.

I’ve always really wanted one, but they’re primarily worn as either crop tops (nope) or as bra straps peaking through, which always makes me feel self-conscious.

I thought that this pattern was the perfect starting point and I’m fairly happy with the result.

As I learned in my other versions, I didn’t quite have the placement of the straps down, and placing the ‘cage’ straps consistently and to the right size was hard.

You can see that the cage straps are quite twisty and the main straps fall just to the outside of my bra straps.

At the time, I was quite tired of seam-ripping those straps and feeling the need to start on my cream Grace (and then adding a complete other one to the mix).

Some detail shots:

The top and bottom are finished with bias tape.

All in all, I like the top, but the straps do bug me a little. I haven’t worn it out yet as I was waiting until after I submitted it, but this should totally be an good, year-round piece.



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