Sewing Plans

Since yesterday I made a list of my spur-of-the-moment wants, I thought I would supplement that with my sewing plans list and a run-down of what is on my sewing table.

What’s on my table:

An apron (middle view) with red and black as the main, and the black scraps (painstakingly pieced together) for the pocket. This one is maybe half way done and 100% necessary.


A green version of Named Clothing’s Grace, to be decorated with orange flowers. The construction is about 85%. It’s maybe 65% necessary, but quick and cheap (thrifted shirts for the win!) and I really love the style.

The Burda jacket in the long view, in a black cotton velvet and black leather from a thrifted skirt. Uncut and trying to research coat making (Burda instructions are supposed to be pretty bare), but I’ve traced out the pattern pieces and decided what fabric I want where. I don’t have buttons or lining, but there’s enough pattern pieces to keep me busy for a while. Not 100% necessary (more like 30% at the outside), but I have wanted to try my hand at a tailored coat.

Sewing plans:

I have two matching batik fabrics in cream, 1 yard each, that I wanted to turn into a nice summer top. I haven’t decided which of the three tops I want to use yet, but they all look like solid patterns. It’s not a completely necessary make as I have a couple of summer white button-downs, but the fabrics were really speaking to me.


I really ought to dip my toes into underwear making, preferably in this blue and cream color scheme.It’s kind of amazing how hard it is to find bras that are a 32 c/d in shops that shops that also happen to be in a good style and color and not crazy expensive (let’s be honest, though, I am ridiculously cheap by nature). However, there’s so many patterns all over the internet and I really have no idea where to start with notions.

I do also need a pair of tap pants to go under full skirts.

I do also need some light summer dresses in natural fibers. It turns out, I really only have one on hand that’s not black, so that is something I really need to fix.

I also want to make a few pieces of jewelry. This one looks totally worth the time and I think I have some appropriate wire somewhere.

I’ve also really wanted to make a nice flower crown. The one I have is made with paper flowers, but I’d like to try using fabric or variegated roses like the ones above or maybe a bouquet of marigolds.

I also really ought to make a nice brown bag. I normally hate the things, but this one immediately had me exclaiming!

This is the only other one that made me nearly as happy. Apparently, I’m pretty happy as long as it doesn’t look too bag-like.

How much of this will get made? Who knows! The jacket is likely to be put on hold, the underwear project will likely be shelved due to me being overwhelmed, and I’ll probably convince myself yet again that I don’t need tap pants.

I do want to add something from yesterday’s candy list, maybe this one:

but in black?Oh, but the thought of tearing into my black pile of garments to refashion causes me just a little bit of pain.


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