Thrift Haul: See, I Don’t Always go to Goodwill

Perhaps a college town isn’t the best place to thrift clothing, but on the whole, I really love thrifting in Denton. Even though some of the places I go are probably picked over (I try to go during the week, and I’m not sure when they re-stock) I can still find really nice things for very nice prices.

I’ve been to this store, Twice as Nice, one time ages ago, and since I was new to thrifting, I  don’t think I kept most of what I got there, but I did remember it being a bit higher price range then what I normally go for.

Anyhoo, it turns out that not only do they donate to pregnant women, but they also do a $1 day the first Thursday of ever month! I’ve lived in this area for ages and ages and I have never heard of this. After their normal hours, all the clothing (but not shoes) is $1 and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much since Friday or Thursday evening are most likely their re-stocking day.

I was so wrong!

I bought




And by this point, you’re probably wonder what I got, so I better dive right into that.

First I got this. It is 100% unflattering and oversized, but 100% cuddly. I may or may not be wearing it now with a floofy skirt and looking like a marshmallow. This is a men’s large Round Tree and Yorke sweater, but dude is it huge. I  might change the buttons to something more happy, but as I’m not going to wear it out, it’s just a mood thing.

Next up, because I’m apparently doing the weird ones first (honestly, I’m just going in the order I’m pulling them off the pile), is this raw silk top from Diane L. Evans. It’s finished with a serger, so it all feels a little on the rough/itchy side, but I got this mainly for fabric anyway.

Next up I got a silk scarf in cream. It’s pretty basic and a little smaller than I normally buy scarves, but it’s incredibly soft and I just kinda want to pet it all day long.

Then I got this silk shirt by Cami that is supposedly size 18 (I’m 8, btw).

I originally got it for interfacing and whatnot, but I think I might hang it in my closet for a bit after moving around a button. It is a little itchy, but it might be absolutely perfect for hot summer days to keep the sun off.


Then I got this red top. It says it is a size XL (it’s stretchy), but I really don’t see how. I guess Guess (ha) makes clothes really small? Regardless, it’s too big in the chest (not something I normally have to tinker with) and, eww, puff sleeves. So I’ll need to do something about that.

Now that I’m not in 3/4 view, you can see how odd the top looks. I’m on the hunt for a red top, but I’m kind of giving up hope on finding one. Even if I do fix it up nice, I’m thinking that I won’t wear it, as almost any red top I own ends up unworn.

And here’s another basic: a rayon knit brown tank (though it looks a little purple here?) by Gap. Honestly, what kind of a name is Gap?

Here’s another Banana Republic shirt in two weeks. It’s also silk and I love the print and POCKETS, but it’s also just…weird.

I love the collar, but gathered waists just don’t look good on me. I’m going to take out the elastic, but I don’t know how much faith I really have in it.

And now here’s a slightly scratchy t-shirt! It’s Michael Kors, which is apparently good? I dunno, it’s got a metal bar with the name on the back of the neckband, so probably.

It’s a linen-poly blend, so that’s probably why it feels all weird, but I mainly got it for this shoulder detail (I have no idea how to flip the image, since I’m inputting from pinterest).

Niftily enough, I also found a nice black skirt, since after the closet cull, I realized I didn’t have much variation (ie, goth or black lace).

This nice basic  from Coldwater Creek fits the bill with it being high-waisted, yet basic, but with an interesting angular mock-wrapped front. Also, it has an interesting faux suede texture, which is a texture I don’t have in my closet.

Speaking of skirts, I also got this white one, but mainly for the fabric, as I’m almost always paranoid that I’m going to sit in something.

It’s nice and heavy, so it’ll be good for fabric.

I also got this mesmerizingly hideous tie. I just couldn’t leave it. It’s pretty great. I’m thinking of using it for binding or facings.

Then, I got a lovely silk jacket.The buttons are a weird purple, so that has to go, but other than that, it’s a great fit. The brand it Chaus Petite, which might explain why it fits so well.

To continue filling out my black skirt section, I got this silk (!) skirt. I love the way flounces look, especially in this floaty chiffon, but somehow when it’s in a dress, it looks terrible on me. It might make my hips looks a little weird, but it’s so dreamy I don’t really care.


And take a look at the embellishment on the hem! Here it is on white so you can see the detail.

And here it is on black so you can see how pretty and subtle it is.

Finally, I got this lovely, slinky black dress.

It is a bit long and puddles on the floor, but it looks a million times better than I though!

That -sighs- is everything I got. The total came out to a little over $14 and boy, was that a bargain. I shouldn’t have to thrift for the rest of the month!


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