Refashioning: From Junk to Majestic

I’ve been making a habit these last couple of weeks of finishing refashioning what I bought all at once. It’s felt really nice, like I have a plan and sticking to it (ha), buuut well, I just might have gone to a $1 sale and brought home another slew of clothes (oops), but that’s for tomorrow’s post.


This terrible thing had been bothering me for a while. You might remember it from my last thrifting post. This, my friends, is what I’d call the hight of trash-ion, or trash-fashion if you will. I don’t know what else you would call wanting to look like you’re wearing a trash bag. Sack-ion?

Anyway, while I just love the fabric (rayon knit, yum), it pretty much is an abomination. The tie at the side makes my hips look huge, but instead of cutting it up immediately, I decided to take out that horrid tie and see what happened.


And suddenly there was potential!


It reminds me of all sort of post-apocalyptic/punk clothing that don’t make much sense but look really cool. I’ve always wanted something like that, but I could never bring myself to invest in all of the fabric for something that might not even turn out right.This weird thing is the perfect compromise.


Putting it on though, I realized I would have sew the ties closed so I wouldn’t have weird holes in my clothes. It was also way baggier than I like, but I liked how it felt like a cape in the back (I’ve been eyeballing capes but most of them look either too fantasy or twee). I also decided that the regular old t-shirt sleeve had to go because the horizontal line of the sleeve clashes with the nice diagonal lines of the draped fabric.

And with a few stitches, a cut, and a slash, sackiness personified turns into this:


Here is an -almost- completed outfit (sans shoes, as per usual, and makeup). I would wear some skinny black boots, because I just pretty much wear them with everything.


Here you can see the slash I cut in the cape-y drape-y thing. Since I wanted the back to flow freely, I put a pin where my waist was, put a pin at where the side would have been, and cut the top layer in between the two. I zigzagged around the edges, kinda like a button hole, to attempt to keep it from stretching out.

After that, I added a belt to cinch it in, turning the buckle to the back because it’s hidden by the cape!

It had a lot of swish potential!

(The pupcake this time is my Dad’s dog, Sam. He’s the alpha of our pack, even higher than I am)

While I love it, I do wish the length of the dress was a number of inches longer. Also, while you can’t really see it here, when I re-hemmed the sleeve, it got stretched out a bit, which I’m not jazzed about, but I could cut it smaller later, or add a dart to remove some fullness.


Because I’m a dork I decided to seriously try a drawing program on my tablet.

(btw I can totally draw better than that; little screens are hard and I hate drawing on computers)

Now I just have one simple refashion left in this particular stack, luckily just making something shorter, but now I have this whole other stack and I need to put the finishing touches on my Monthly Stitch entries.


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