Thrift Haul: Fancy Scores and Lazy Ones

So this thrift haul is two in one, mainly because I purchased some of these with the intent of either using it for my secret project or giving it to my Mom, so the first haul looked pretty bare bones.


This first top I primarily stuck in the cart because I just loved to buttons. Camo is not really something I wear, but it made me think of Grav3yardGirl over on YouTube.


After I put it on, though (by mom’s suggestion) I decided I really liked it. (This pupcake, Scubbo, has decided to pick up chewing on his self, probably as a bi-product of his previous abuse. The things around his neck are our ghetto method of minimizing the damage).


With my wardrobe cleaning, I made a pact with myself to eliminate as many man-made fibers as possible. This means wearing mostly, cotton, wool, silk, and rayon (which I have no idea what this fabric qualifies as, but I love it anyway). Of course, on my first thrift haul after closet cleaning, I got mainly polyester clothing.


Isn’t the back lovely? With details as unique as this (curse you Forever 21!), I would be waiting forever before I found a silk or cotton gauze top with both these details and in colors I wear.


This scarf is just amazing! It’s a mustard (weird, I know) and purple and I’m really digging complementary colors in clothing. I don’t know where I’d wear it, but I’m just swooning over the swirls and circles and there’s just so much fabric if I choose to cut into it.


This one… it’s just so lovely! It (again) is polyester, but I couldn’t pass it up!


It’s the top and scarf to a Salwar Kameez and finished with delicate embroidery.


Look how delicate that is! I love the fake little embroidered buttons.


The sleeve! There’s  a ton of fabric in the scarf to do more things with, but looking at the dress/tunic (those side slits go up to about the waist), I’m thinking of turning it into a top.

That was all I’m willing to share from the first thrift haul! Now, on to the next one!

First up, a selection of ugly house skirts!


This one (I think) is vintage from either the 60’s or 70’s, just going on the age of the tag. It has a lovely drape, but I need to add a drawstring because the elastic is just about dead. I’m wearing it now and it’s like wearing a waterfall!


This one matches my couch, strangely enough. Okay the colors are just about the same, but not the flowers.I looked over these for pockets, but I only found these during these pictures and they go on foreeever. Apparently, I make that face a lot.a93659325499470d654a8ddb13ed64f8

This one I got in the other thrift haul, actually, and meant to use it as fabric. I got one like this, but in all black and better cotton. The reason it’s not here, is because it had some of the weirdest, scariest stains on it. They look like they’d some out easy peasy, but there’s no way that it’s going anywhere near my body.


Then I got whatever the F this is. It’s never been worn and fits like the weirdest sack. It’s drappy and two layered and just odd.


It is, however, pure rayon knit. It feels great, even if I do feel like a lump. I think I’m going to take out that side tie and see what I get. I was planning on chopping it up and doing something else with it, but I just might wear it as a house dress.


Then I got this camisole.I love the mint blue and cream lace and it’s stretch silk! Which, for some reason, also has a zipper? I dunno, mate. However, there is a reason that it’s here hanging rather than on me. I swear the thing was made for someone with an A cup! I have a D cup so it kinda looks a bit comical/indecent. But I still love it. I’m going to have to stare at it for a bit more before I come up with a solution.


And now, the piece de resistance: this lovely Scala beaded dress! It’s not the first lovely beaded dress I found there (honestly, the other one is nicer).


So did I really need another one? Well, did you really expect me to put to put it back?! This one fits my hips quite nicely (the other one was a bit snug), but it is a bit loose around the shoulders. I think, though, that it’s this loose back.


It’s in awesome condition, but I’m not sure where it would be appropriate to wear it. I have a bridal shower and a wedding reception to attend to early next month, but I think it might be a little much.

That’s all I got in my thrift haul! I hope you enjoyed it and now I’m going to go and make some more tea.




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