What is blogging??? Thrifted Styling

So it’s been a bit, I’ll admit. It just hasn’t panned out. But I’ve looked at all the feeds and my head hurts too much to sew or read, so here’s a simple post to get back in the groove.

In my wardrobe post, I mentioned that I wanted to do some styling on those weird, one of a kind pieces that just kind of get thrust in the back of the closet.


First up is this weird, but very lovely top by Moon Collection: Live in California, as shown in this thrift haul. At the time, I knew that while I pretty much put these pants with everything, it was not going to work with these pants. There was a weird gap, so I knew I would have to wear something high-waisted.

After wardrobe cleaning, I was actually kind of amazed at the lack of variety of black skirts I had. 13d5f9a30768b07e6ac2ca45edfde12e

This is a Tripp skirt that I acquired in that same thrift haul. I really like the way the gathered bodice balances with the tight skirt. Do I know where I would wear it? Not really, as the skirt is really tight so walking wouldn’t be too fun.


These pants I found in the back of my closet. Like, honestly, how could I loose these things?! I remember not wearing them because I didn’t really have anything to showcase them (so in other words these are perfect for this series). The pants have been fitted and painted by me.


Actually putting on these pants with a shirt that works, I decided to do more painting around the top and bottom of the waistband and the around ankle zippers you can’t see. I’ll post more about these jeans when I finish.


This look, I think, is the more wearable of the two. I think, visually, I like the fist look, but comment below which is your favorite!


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