Thrifting:The Moral of the Story; Just Try Stuff On

You know you’ve been thrifting too long, that your closet has reached a saturation point, when you come out of the thrift store 100% certain that you scored the weirdest clothes they have.

It really made me wonder at my thrifting habits.

Too bad I now need fabric for a project small enough I can probably squeeze it out of a garment. oops.


This shirt I picked up because A) it was silk, B) it was half-off, and C) I have a see-though silk lying about and I wanted to know how it would look over a bunt orange silk (turns out, it just looks opaque). As it is, though, it looks pretty terrible. Ruffles around the neckline are generally put there to make the bust look bigger, which is something I don’t really want.


Here, I turned it around and whoa does it look so much better! I’m still not wild about the flutter around the neck, but it is such an improvement!


The top, however, is still oversized, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that. I had planned on overlaying that silk (I have at least 5 yards of it), but I don’t think so, not with that fit. It has no zipper so it’s meant to be a more boxy/relaxed fit. I’ll probably try it on with a belt later.


To stick with the burnt orange theme, here’s this other weird thing I got. It’s very Indian in design, with 3-d flowers and embroidery. It’s made out of polyester, which is normally a no-go for me, but I’m a sucker for Indian designs and motifs. Apparently, I should have cleaned off my lens because boy are these pictures grainy.


Normally, with this type of tight fit, I would have put in a separating zipper, but they put in a dress-length zipper. It has a snap to keep the excess in place (shown unsnapped here) it gives room to put it on, but it’s really hard to get it zipped all the way because it keeps tangling. I might swap it out, because it’s really just ridiculous.


This picture is my complaining over the cups it came with. They were weird and small and pointy as hell. After giggling over them for an age, I showed my dad (I had pretty much hacked them out immediately after this picture) and he said it was probably designed for a man! He was probably right, since my brother held it up and, yeah, it was pretty much the right size. India has a rather major trans community going back hundreds (thousands?) of years, so it wasn’t too surprising.

Even with the cups removed, the straps with have elastic underneath to ruffle the fabric, pulls the top up too much, so I’ll probably be removing them and adding a new strap.


This one, I’ll admit, I almost put down half a dozen times. The pattern was lovely (which is so unusual for me!) but urrgh bubbles EVERYWHERE!


For polyester, it so wasn’t worth it, even half-off, but, oops, it was silk. It’s currently sitting on my refashioning pile, devoid of bubbles, but even so it just looks awkward. You’ll probably see it in a refashioning post later, most likely looking nothing like this.


This one was full price, but oh does it feel nice. It’s a rayon knit (my absolute favorite) and simple, with simple, nice details.


I think I’m fond of this curved hem, but I would really have to wear it a few times to really decide.

Note: do not try on knits while wearing other knits; they tend to catch on one another. The shoulders didn’t lay right when I originally tried it on, so the pocked was at least 3 inches lower than it actually is.


Next, I got this skirt, which, I’ll be honest, looks much better in real life. It’s a Tripp skirt, a Hot Topic brand. I really liked their products back when I was in middle school or so, but by the time I might have bought one or two, they were just poorly made junk. This one is well constructed, with piping, black velvet ribbon, and black lace underneath the corset-like panels. Goodness, but I love it. It is very tight around my hips (yay for knits), which makes it less awesome for everyday wear, but we’ll see.


This next one is just…omg. I pulled it off the rack, giggling to myself because, seriously, it just looked weird. I threw it on just for a laugh, I really, really did. But. OMG. I love it so much. I was pretty much clutching it covetously after that. AND IT WAS HALF OFF!


Mom pointed out later when I showed her (me: still baffled) that the puffy shoulders balance out my huge (proportionately) hips. The elastic waist gives me the fit I like, but. Seriously. I would never have dreamed up a garment like this. I looked up the brand (The Moon Collection: Live in California), thinking that it would be an indie brand with one of a kind pieces. Nay so much. It was pretty much wholesale from Indonesia or some place. I suppose the polyester and the “Live in California” (no thank you) should have tipped me off.


This lovely beaded jacket that was both too wide in the body and too short in the sleeves:


A too-large gray skirt with a lovely flutter detail in the back:


A green shirt/jacket with awesome details, but too large to re-fit:



  1. I have picked patterns for Indie Sewing Month, but I can’t post anything until June ):
  2. I have finished a dress! Selflessly! It’s just getting the photos now
  3. I did a refashion! I’m just lazy and photos again
  4. ‘finished’ a dress, but it still doesn’t fit and now it looks too plain.




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