Can’t I just Buy All the Patterns?

I’m getting close to finishing my 2 dresses, I really am. I just happen to lack motivation at the moment and I’ve been looking at some reaaaally cool patterns, so I wanted to share!

Thanks to Seamwork sewing magazine, I found Named Clothing once again. I stumbled upon them once, probably in their first collection and very early in my sewing career. I didn’t like the patterns that much then, not when I had all of the Big 4 at my fingertips. Going over their drastically increased pattern catalogue, I found four that I really, really liked!


From their new collection, Royals, I liked two patterns. This one is the Grace Corset Top. I loved the lines and the fact that it is semi-fitted, so you get the look of a corset top without being constricted. If I do purchase and make it, I would omit the bows, as I find them too feminine.


The other pattern I liked from this collection is the Madeleine Bow Tie Blouse. I really like the extra long cuff, but I would probably draft on a stand collar instead of the bow. Looking at it again, though, I’m not sure how big a fan I am of the square yoke. I’m sure it wouldn’t been to hard to re-draft, but it’s getting to be a little too much drafting.


Speaking of skirts, I really, really enjoyed the colorblocked button down Wenona. I adore the shaped hem, angled yokes, stand collar. The only think that gets my goat a little is the looseness, but I think it’s so pretty I might not mind.


The last Named Clothing pattern is the lovely Dakota Shawl Collar Dress. When I saw it I pretty much swooned. I must have seen it before, but either my style has solidified or my skills have increased, because I’m thinking I seriously need this dress. I like how it looks like a coat, but allows you to still show off all of your lovely button-downs. I would, without a doubt, wear the heck out of it in winter. I wonder if it would look too tacky in a sweatshirt material….

Since we mentioned Seamwork earlier, let’s take a gander at some of those lovely patterns.


The Almada robe. The drawing makes it look weird and unflattering, but that model definitely looks luxurious. I can see one of my friends rocking it, in shades of brown and orange. Reaally tempted to make one now.


There’s something effortless and chic about the Rio t-shirt. While normally I think hi-low is better in theory, I’m really beginning to like how they look in tops (perhaps its because they distract from my big hips). So simple, I may just draft it, but with a $6 monthly subscription fee and 2 pattern credits per month, I may just get it.

Great. Now I have that Duran Duran song stuck in my head.


While I don’t think I could style the Aires leggings to look like anything other than workout pants, I still really like the look of the mesh panels. These would be great for around the house, but then again, I don’t have any 4-way stretch in the stash.


To continue with their leggings, I have to say, I’ve been continuously swooning ever since I first saw the Manila leggings. I just love the tulip detail on the cuffs, but the more I think about them on me, the more I think it would show off my hairy ankles. -sigh- still, if it’s been this many months and I’m still smitten with them, I should probably just bite the bullet and buy the pattern.


I also really, really like their tank tops. They have these lovely details that really elevate it. This one, the Aurora tank, has those nice little pleats by the strap, which could also lend itself to some nice colorblocking.


The Savannah, though, really has my heart. It looks like what I’ve been aiming for in my V9015 (versions 1 and 2). I also love that neat, subtle curve at the hem. If I do get the subscription, I’d definitely buy this one!

Also because I was reading the magazine, I found my way over to Make/Use. Over on this website you can find free (!!!) patterns for zero waste garments!!! I really, really want to make some but I’m also kind of intimidated, but I’ll show you my top 3.


This one is the Wrap Dress and, just, look at those lines, those colors! Mmm, got to love a good neckline! None of these patterns take too much fabric (because of the zero waste) and I’m just thinking about all of the just-too-small lengths of fabric that can suddenly have much more potential.


This Wrap Skirt is equally as lovely and takes about a yard of fabric! I love how simple it is, and that asymmetrical (yet still modest) hem.


Finally, here are the Spiral Trousers. Sadly, this pattern isn’t up on the site yet, because if it was, I might have started a mad flurry to pump these out. Unfortunately, they also don’t have the required fabric length, either, so I currently can’t set aside some fabric either.

While these Make/Use patterns are really fresh and inspiring, I’m not sure how they will look on me and what crazy adjustments might be needed to make them look correct. The wrap dress does have some fitting instructions (and I’m sure this is the reason the trousers are not out yet) but I haven’t looked at them yet, as I still have to look at the pattern pieces.

Anyhoo, that’s all of the patterns I’ve been swooning over and found recently (except for the Seamwork patterns; those I’ve been keeping up with since day 1). I hope your as inspired as me! I’m just ready to buy one for The Monthly Stitch‘s Indie Pattern month, but I should probably sew up my thrifted Oolong dress pattern in a knit.



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