Thrifting: Silk and Embroidery, what more can a Girl Want?

I figured, since I mentioned it yesterday, that I might as well just do this thrift haul, because I have no idea when I’ll realistically finish that one refashion.

I got a lot of interesting things this time, some I was eyeballing before, some things I’ve been looking for. You know. Things.

First up is this weird bustier thing that doesn’t really fit, but I wanted to salvage the boning for an amazing fit pattern I have. IMG_1431IMG_1433

I thought that maybe I could use the cups too, but they’re a size too small.

No pictures of it on, mainly because it just looks bad.

Next up is this piece for refashioning.


It’s a lovely silk shell top, but a couple of sizes too big. Half-off, I was more than willing to try to fix up this top. It kinda turns out to be a good thing, because the bust fits just about perfectly, which normally happens when I’m taking in tops.


And woah, hey look it’s another fit and flare dress! But this one is knit! In crushed velvet! With 3/4 sleeves! IMG_1482

Okay, I’ll be honest, I have similar one in a lovely black rayon knit originally from Forever 21. But as the Goodwill’s dresses are crazy expensive, especially with a skirt this short (I’d always wear tights on underneath; I just couldn’t be bothered for the photo-shoot), I couldn’t pass up the 50% mark down.


If you’ve seen me at The Monthly Stitch (!!!) or my recently updated belt post, You’ll have gotten a preview of this top.

I had seen this lovely silk number there before, but it had some pretty terrible stains. The back hem looked like it had been drug through something, and like maybe someone stepped on the front. On this pretty off white, it stood out like a sore thumb. I was pretty confident no one would pick it up before 50% off day, so I bought it and washed it and all was well!


It took me pulling it on and off a couple of times to realize that for once my arms actually bit the sleeves! I’m incredibly fine-boned with practically no padding, so I think nothing of lose sleeves (and I look kinda terrible in bishop sleeves. Just imagine tons of fabric around my literally child-sized wrists). It turns out the top was petite, which I noticed, but normally that means I can’t fit into the chest, so I promptly forgot.

I have absolutely no place to wear it, but rarely has that stopped me before!

This next piece is not for me.


I do have to admit, though, it does look pretty great on me!

I got this for an out of state friend as part a ‘you mean the world to me’ package I’m still putting together. Though, at the rate this box is mentally growing, I might need to split it up!


While this wasn’t half price, they counted it as a top instead of a dress, which is only a little more than a half price dress. I loved the colors and embroidery, which made me think of her!


Here’s a picture of the detail! While the embroidery style is very Indian, the colors remind me of Mexican embroidery.


-sigh- Just look at those neck details!

Next up I got some scarves, so I’ll just show them pretty quick!


So they’re not the most flattering pictures, but these were really, really hard to photograph!

I don’t know what I’m going to do with these two, since neither are my style or my colors, but I couldn’t just leave them there. -hoarding at it’s finest-

Next up are the shoes I’ve been looking for.


These aren’t my typical color, and even though they were pricey, I needed them. See reasons:IMG_1442

How well these things go together!!!

I’m still crying when I see them together.

The dress is something I thrifted about a year or so ago and wore to my BFA graduating show. At the time, I’m pretty sure I wore some abysmal shoes and I tried to rectify that before wearing it for the theater (RENT!!!). The shoes I picked up that time were gold and a little beat up and a size too big. I kind of despaired of finding a good pair, but.


I couldn’t have DREAMED of better shoes.

And on top is another silk scarf I picked up this trip.

It’s just all so magical!

Bonus: The things I didn’t pick up.

A brown embroidered coat, size 14 with a large hole:


Love the details! I kinda wish I had bought it (ostentatiously for my friend) But the embroidery would have gotten in the way of tailoring it, and we’re both about a size 8. That would have been a looot of tailoring.

An almost cool dress.IMG_1424IMG_1425IMG_1426

The details were nifty, but it was just kinda weird. The neckline details were all fuzzy, but not necessarily velvet. It kinda read as ‘trying to be ethnic’ rather than the genuine deal, like the dress I did get. That, and this was full dress price.


So that’s it! fhew! It doesn’t seem like it should feel like such a gauntlet (I didn’t even take pictures right before this time!) but next time I hope to have a finished dress to show you all! Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Thrifting: Silk and Embroidery, what more can a Girl Want?

  1. Some terrific finds. I’m torn between envy of your thrift shop and relief that there isn’t such a one within striking distance here. More reasons to hoard, I don’t need.


    1. Haha! I know what you mean! It’s not even my favorite one, really, but I know what you mean about hoarding; I have so much silk from that store and I’m normally too paranoid to wear them :/


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