The Lovesong of V9015

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, but mostly what’s been up is that I’ve been most of the way through a project before having to stop for some reason. I have a thrift post to do, but I’m in the middle of editing pictures and I was planning on finishing up a re-fashion first. I started on a dress for mom, but my machine (the only one that can reliably sew knit fabric without skipped stitches) has decided to now have foot peddle issues right after replacing her belt. I was really close on finishing that dress, too. Before embarking on a crazy, 30 piece project (!!!) I decided to do something simple.


I made another camisole version of V9015 (the first version here). Since the pattern is really simple and I really liked the gray lace fabric, I wanted to take my time with it.


I made double straps and used a herringbone stitch to tie in the cream straps with the gray fabric.


I added a lining since the lace was a little sheer.


And to make it extra special, I added a beautiful quote (if slightly depressing), from one of my favorite poems, The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot. It’s one of my favorite lines:

In a minute there is time,

For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.

I used a fabric sharpie for the letters and more of the gray embroidery to outline it in a running stitch. I think it has a shabby chic look to it, and while I’m not entirely sold, I do like the idea of incorporating beautiful words and poetry into garments.


While I do love all the time and care I put into this garment, I don’t know how pleased I am with the result. I think I sewed it in a size too big (I can’t imagine what it would look like as a full slip), but I thought perhaps it was just because I threw it on over the shorts I was wearing that day.


Here I tried it on with one of the most beautiful skirts I own. It’s a flowy silk chiffon that is orange in one direction and blue in the other, buuut the picture kind of grays out the amazing effect. I don’t have that many tops to wear with it (I don’t wear blue or orange) so I thought it would be a nice combo, but I think the camisole still might be too casual.


Here I tried it with a silk velvet skirt, but I’m not feeling this too much either.

Maybe it just need some lace, because in my opinion, you can’t jazz up a camisole too much.

I won’t call it a fail, because it’s completely wearable, but it isn’t all my hopes and dream fulfilled. I’ll probably tinker with it later, but it was a fun project to do and made me feel good about myself, so, really, what else could I ask for?



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