Operation Make the Wishlist Smaller: Brown Button-down Refashioning

If you’ve seen my latest haul, you might remember this shirt that you can barely see.


It’s baggy and unflattering and it has (shudder) bishop sleeves. Even though I’m taking this XL shirt and going to a S/M, it should have been an easy refashion. It should. The princess seams hit me in the right place and taking in shirts is nothing I haven’t done before.

But then I went to use my machine and tapping the foot peddle made a weird noise, like it was working, but the machine itself wasn’t moving. I shrugged and proceeded to use manual power and spin the side wheel (so professional over here). With my itsy little under-worked arms, it took a while but I finally managed to get the lower half of one princess seam done. And then it looked terrible. So I undid that and just took in the sides. I was halfway through skinny-ing up the arms when the bobbin gave out, but truth be told, I don’t know how much longer my arm would have lasted.

Mom said my belt was probably loose and I opened up my machine in the morning and  well, I found the belt.


It just might be a wee bit hard to tighten, though. I honestly have no idea how it happened to snap in half, but my blue lady is out of commission until I get a new one.

Anyway, Mom brought down the one I began learning on and




It was so slow!

It’s funny to think I was scared of her and seemed to fight with her. I managed to finish up this project and another and it was good to see how far I’ve come.

But you’ve come here for the refashion, so I’ll go ahead and unveil it.


It’s much more fitted now,  but as you can see here, the sleeves are a little short. As in, that weird, you’ve-just-hit-a-growth-spurt-and-everything-doesn’t-fit-by-only-a-visable-amount length.


As you can see here, it’s got those tabs to keep up cuffed sleeves that were all the rage a few years ago, to that’s probably how I’ll wear them. You can kind of see the details (yay for photographing dark fabric). Half of the button placket it hidden, and it actually had a little pin in it under the transition area so it wouldn’t gape. I’ve added a snap there, but I’m thinking of adding another one just a little further up.

I’m quite happy with it, but it’s not my favorite button down I’ve ever owned. they just don’t do many fun things with brown. My absolute favorites have textured fabric like this black one.


(My good white one is in the wash)

So, in conclusion, while I’m fond of this refashion, I’ll still be on the lookout for a nice textured brown shirt.


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