Tackling the Wishlist: Red M6994

One of the things I’ve been wanting recently was a long, flowy red skirt. Last winter, I decided I wanted to find a way to wear skirts/dresses in winter. As I’m cold pretty much all the time (I don’t have hardly any padding), tights alone aren’t sufficient, so I started wearing 2-3 skirts at once and thick stretch velvet. I’ll be honest, I really liked the result, if on top it ended up being how many ways can I wear one sweater.

Anyway, I wanted to add to this new collection of long skirts that I would actually wear, so I turned to the Big 4 to find something in knit that wouldn’t take up too much fabric. I landed on M6994.


At first I was really happy, but if there’s one things I don’t like, it’s gathered waists. My waist to hip difference is 10 inches, and adding all that fabric around my waist does not do things I like to my figure. Mom pointed out that it looked like a lot of fabric around the waist, but I thought it was just the short version. I was wrong.

I took out a number of inches to my natural measurements, (I could have just cut out the smallest size instead of a medium, I think) and even this gave me a skimming, but not tight, fit. IMG_1178

I added more length because that’s pretty much always something I need to do, but as you might be able to tell, I got a little enthusiastic. I wore boots the first time I took it for a spin, but even then it still caught a little.


Do I like it overall? Well, it’s comfy with that rayon knit (first purchase on fabric.com!), but it’s not the skirt I was envisioning. It’s way too straight for my liking, but that means I can also layer up in winter, making it multi seasonal.

Of course, just a little bit ago, maybe a few weeks after I finished it up, the perfect pattern was released, M7386.


So. Annoyed.

I still might get the pattern and re-cut my skirt (no sense wasting fabric) because it’s exactly what I was looking for, no joke. Oh well. M6994 was really easy, as the cover suggested, so re-doing it wouldn’t be that big of a sacrifice.



3 thoughts on “Tackling the Wishlist: Red M6994

  1. If the current skirt is not what you envisioned, and that other pattern is, then there’s no doubt in my mind what you should do. Get the new pattern and remake the skirt. Get something you’ll love and use, instead of something you’re not really happy with and which will remind you every time you use it that it’s not what you wanted. Life’s too short to put up with such things when they’re easy to fix.


    1. yup! And it will give me a good reason to tackle the length (because I’ll just keep forgetting otherwise :P). Now I just have to wait for the pattern to go on sale!


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