Now-I-can-wear-skirts, thrift haul pt. 2

So, I’ll be honest, I meant to do this post ages ago, but. Actually I’m not sure why I didn’t. No matter. Pretty much, this was supposed to be all the skirts I thrifted recently (pt. 1 post here), but, well, I ended up thrifting again so I also have three new pieces.

Oh, and as I’m still getting the hang of photographing clothing, all of my photos ended up backlit, so please bare with me.


Skirt: ULF Anderson (thrifted)
Top: Merona (thrifted)

The first skirt I got was ULF Anderson. Looking at it, I was seriously questioning how much velvet I needed in my closet. Aaand then I saw it was a silk-rayon blend and I was pretty much sold. There’s nothing quite like the sheen you get when silk is added to the mix.


Fit-wise it’s ok. The waistline is a little loose, but I don’t know if I just need to shorten the elastic or replace it all together. Also, I’m getting rid of that weird sheer faux petticoat thing. If it was brown, that would be one thing, but it happens to be black. I might add it to another skirt, but I was just waiting to write this post before taking my scissors/seam ripper to it.


Skirt: Silkland
Top: Susie in the city (thrifted and refashioned)

Next up is this other velvet skirt, this one more Morticia Addams (but with a lot more mobile). The flounce on the bottom goes up just a bit in the front and honestly I was sold on just that.


However, I had to do a double take when I looked at that fabric content. Most silk-rayon velvet has a rather low silk count (about 20%-15%), just enough to give it the sheen while making it primarily with the cheaper fabric. This one was a whopping 75% Silk!!! (Looking back up at the brand name, Silkland is completely appropriate.) And indeed, it has a much softer feel that the other skirt and a higher sheen. There is a little button tab on the top with a fiddly little button in place of a hook and eye, but that is my only complaint here.


Here is one of the new things I got. It’s an Apt. 9 blazer with a rayon-nylon shell and you can tell the difference. I thought I’d try that weird velvet on velvet look, and let me tell you it doesn’t look any better in real life.


I’m in the middle of refashioning it (urg bishop sleeves), so clearly I have problems with it. It’s not very thick, but I was getting warm in it, probably from all that unbreathable nylon and acetate. The button is a little dorky, but I’ve got a nice spare I can use. Why did I even get this thing, you ask? I really like the lines on the bodice. Which you can’t see because silly me forgot to check the light source (artist fail). Look out for all those details in a refashioning post.

p.s. also featuring a future post/made-by-me item. See if you can guess!


Shirt: White Stag (thrifted)
Jeans: Calvin Kleins (bought, like, 5-6 years ago)

I don’t know what it is about those bishop sleeves but apparently someone likes them. This is another top to refashion, mainly I just plan on skinny-ing it down from an XL (I’m a small to a medium) and doing something about those sleeves. Again, the things I like about it you can barely see, but, again, there’ll be a post about it, so I’m not fretting too much. Overall, I was really pleased with the lines and I’ll admit that I’ve been looking for any sort of brown button down for ages (currently, that half of my wardrobe is primarily green-on-green). I was surprised to see that it was White Stag. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m 80% sure that this is a Walmart brand. Who knew.


Shirt: Mimi Chica (thrifted)
Jeans: Calvin Kleins (bought, like, 5-6 years ago)
Shrug: G (bought -gasp- at Sam Moon)

Last but not least is this awesome Shibori-esk button up tunic top. Just wait until you see the back. IMG_1108

It’s really pretty trendy (I think?) but I just love it. It’s a bit outside my comfort zone with how short the shoulders go, but I’m super excited to wear it. IMG_1123

I kinda want to alter the collar in some way, because it gets lost in this busy print and what sold me was the button down aspect. IMG_1135

To make me a little more comfortable, I might wear it like this, with this sheer circular shrug thing. Also, the brand is Mimi Chica, which makes me think of Rent and makes me sing every time I think of the brand.

That’s it! Well, not exactly. I got a white lace skirt that I liked. Until you could see my underwear through it. So amazingly enough I don’t have a picture of that. And then I remembered I got a long sleeve, maxi length oxblood stretch velvet dress. I have a black one (refashioned) that I love, but now I’m wondering If I really need two. I might tack that dress on later to a different thrift haul, which is probably for the best as it probably would look pretty meh with the back-lighting.


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