Makeup how do you even

So to be fair, I’m not that big of a makeup person. I had a brief spell in high school (senior year?) that I attempted it. I don’t honestly remember what I wore, but I got a bunch of E.L.F. products that Christmas. I maybe used them 8 times total because, let’s face it, if it’s a choice between  being cute or sleeping in, I’m choosing sleep.

I started more serious makeup last spring. I was already dressing nice (because outfits the night before allow for sleeping in), so I ended up investing in a little lipstick. But, well, when I mean serious, I mean, lipstick, eye primer, eye-shadow and minimal eyeliner.

Anyway, since I haven’t been in school (and I stopped after some boy issues since I didn’t have the energy) and I had been cleaning all day, I decided to treat my self and tried out some new products I just got. IMG_1026

Here’s the glamor shot. The new makeup I got was LAX ultra matte lip and Get Lucky eye-shadow from ColourPop. The gold is hard to see. Honestly, any eye-shadow is hard to see with glasses, but I like gold so I don’t care much if no one can see it. I’m really impressed with eye-shadow coverage! It’s not often you see a gold with any sort of heavy pigmentation. I’d really like to try some brown shades to do a little more eye contouring.


The liquid to matte lipstick is…well on it’s very, very pretty. It’s pretty much the color of my dreams. However, that doe-foot applicator…I swear it’s out to get me. It was omg hard and this is the look cleaned up with some makeup remover wipes. There’s still some pigment around where I wiped it off, but the color is hella pigmented. The first time I took it off, I smeared pink all around my face, Like I rubbed my face in a bowl of blackberries. After I ate, it looked pretty terrible, as the oils in the food re-activated the lipstick. It never re-dried and I ended up with pink fingers after eating my sandwich. I hear using a lip pencil or lippie stick would help, so I might be making another order soon.

And here’s a bonus yes-I-really-didn’t-go-anywhere shot.



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