Hey guys! Over here at planet unemployed/waiting-for-grad-school artist, I’m thinking of starting a youtube channel. Which just seems baffling. I like the idea of sharing ideas, and while blogs are nice, as it stands I’ve kinda pigeonholed myself into fashion. I want to talk about art and philosophy and religion and my methods for painting and how to make things and on and on. I want to get my speaking confidence up and perhaps make a connection. Maybe it seems like I’m not trying too hard for this blog, but, let’s face it, I don’t have much content compared to an ocean of sewers. To be fair, I like having a space dedicated for this hobby. And that’s what it is, a hobby, one of many I partake in. I’ll never have as much as bloggers for who sewing is half their life or more. Thems the brakes. Am I giving up? Nope. Do I expect to be a famous youtuber? Heeell no. Youtube has gotten so big, that’s its probably the same as blogging. I may have only a handfull of followers because I don’t want to make content everybody else wants.

But I tried a few tentative videos and it’s really harder than you think. I haven’t even begun trying to edit. And even the things I do have, like making an intro, seem fake. When I did start going into a topic I like, naked vs nude it just…it sounded better, more real, but goodness did I go everywhere.The faces I make are weirder than I thought, the voices I slip into are weirder than I thought. My voice sounds strange. But on the other hand, I’m prettier than I thought. I mean, I look good for throwing on a real shirt, and not brushing my hair and not tossing on makeup and not having tea. It became easier to talk on camera much quicker than I thought, but maintaining eye contact is waay harder than imagined.

Anyway, it might be a month or so before I actually post a video; there’s backgrounds to consider and a flow to achieve and content to think up. In the meantime (or if I decide to not do it at all) I’ll keep you posted, because I think that’s a very important part of the process.


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