Spectrum: The Color Psychology of my Wardrobe

I’ve always liked looking at style inspiration posts. They not only show a glimpse into the minds of the writers, but always leads to some self-reflection. Honestly, I’ve never been one for comparing myself to others because that’s just a good way to become a head case. Even so, trying to come up with my own style inspiration is a little like looking at an ADHD squirrel. Here’s a little sample of some of my fashion Pinterest board to give you some idea.

Yeah, how exactly do you mix vintage, post-apocalyptic, Victorian,  menswear, classic, goth, fairy, and festival all together? I don’t know. So you see how the prospect of even explaining this mess is a little daunting. The fact, though, is that somehow I do it.

I suppose the reason I achieve a measure of success is because I don’t look at eras or decades. Instead I look at my energies for the day and then choose the appropriate color.


Red is the color of an exciting, high-energy day. It’s also the color of confidence, on those days when I needed that extra boost. For example, I’ll wear it when I’m starting sketching on a canvas, but I also wore it to my college graduation when it was the last thing I wanted to do.


Green fills most of my wardrobe. It is a color of grounding earth energy and the gathering, joyous energy of spring. I’d say of the colors, this is the one I wear most often (if we separate colors vs neutral, that is). It is the energy I feel most frequently, the energy I imbue in my paintings, the gentle awe and admiration of life. Sometimes I toss it on when I feel the need to combat depression, since green represents most my sense of self.


Purple is the color i wear least. It is the color of introspection and higher plains, neither of which are moods that define a whole day. Sometimes it is the color of magic, like a lighter color of black.

(The large one is a picture of my V9015 that I painted)


Black is a hard color to describe. It fills up roughly half of my closet, but it has only been recently that I’ve wondered why that is exactly. It is the color of lunar magic, the color of being turned slightly inwards. It is, perhaps, the more everyday version of purple energies.


Brown for me is one of those true neutral colors. It doesn’t change the feel an outfit by much, but brown by itself speaks of emotional distress. It’s what I gravitate to when I’m feeling ill or depressed or simply emotionally unbalanced and powerless to stop it. It is a color of winter, almost the antithesis of the green of spring.

When worn with cream, brown looses the harshness it normally means, instead meaning subdued energies.


Cream means, lighter, more playful energies. I do not own too much cream, so, again, I’m not sure of it’s exact meaning, but I believe it also reflects an increase in femininity. It’s not a color I wear by itself.


Gray is a relatively new color I’ve been wearing. It feels vibrant to me, for some reason. It is exiting and energetic while still being lunar. What it reflects, I don’t know yet!

As for the other colors, I don’t really wear them; blue and khaki/nude have been ruined for me due to years of school uniforms, yellow is not me and neither is orange, while pink is reserved for the inside of dogs ears.

I simply think there can be more to fashion and colors than simply “I like it.” That doesn’t mean I think that soul searching and color psychology are vital for fashion. This is simply a subconscious way I tell myself and the world what is needed for myself on any given day. Sometimes I stare at my closet for an hour, because the outfit I planned does not match my energy. Sometimes, I think it would be nice to experiment more, but working and thinking about color as often as I do, I know no other colors will satisfy.


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