The I-can’t-wear-skirts-today Thrift Haul, pt 1

So I’ll admit, this was originally planned as a thrift haul. But the day was windy. And the light inside was terrible. So every single skirt looked like I was trying to wear pants. And it made the jacket I bought look pretty darn awful. And the tank top just looked not right. -sigh- It just wasn’t my day for taking pictures. So with all of that, I got maybe three different outfits that looked okay so I guess that’s what we’re doing today.


Shirt: Forever 21, thrifted
Pants: Nine and Co Weekend, thrifted and fitted
Shoes: none, because I had 10 outfit changes

This shirt is probably one of my favorites. Alright, most of what I got are one of my favorites because I  wouldn’t have picked it up, otherwise. I believe I was the only item I picked up on this trip, but it’s cosy and easy and really quite flattering.


I like that I can just pull it on over my head, and being an slightly peachy off-white, it shouldn’t be magnetically attracted to food/paint.


Shirt: Old Navy, thrifted
Pants: Nine and Co Weekend, thrifted and fitted

This next shirt is probably my least favorite. When I picked it up off the rack, I had pictured something more like the first shirt. Instead, it’s kind of weirdly baggy and those gathers at the shoulder yoke are just…ew.


I picked it up anyway (though I really probably shouldn’t have) because it was 50% off and that fabric does feel luscious. I suppose I could fit it, maybe salvage the sleeves and put it on a different shirt or dress to create contrasting texture. I’m not feeling all that inspired, to be honest. It may just stay a house shirt, which isn’t much of a waste because I’m spending a lot of time at home. It is, however, sheer, which is normally a detraction in my book and I thought it would be ok, since the first top is, I think this one is a bust. I suppose I could give it to Ashlyn. hmmm…


Shirt: Papell Boutique, thrifted
Pants: Calvin Klein , not-thirfted, but, like, 8 years old

This shirt…I almost didn’t pick it up. What does one do with a heavily beaded top? I spent many a minute convincing myself to put it back, it hung weird, it was to large, what would I even wear it to, it has flowers for goodness sakes! But all that beading, that silk shell, those colors, that interesting hemline. And at $4, how could I just leave it there? Well, obviously I couldn’t.


I was convinced I had made the wrong choice until I took out the shoulder pads. It is amazing how loosing 1/4 of a mile of padding on the shoulders completely changes the look. I think I’d probably wear it as pictured, maybe with a lovely elbow length, cranberry, silk jacket.


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