Spring Sewing (as if I haven’t been doing that)

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I posted, but what with one thing and another I haven’t gotten around to it(not wanting to photograph around peeps/ being too cold/learning to drive/getting back into painting). I do have more projects to share (about 3 1/2), but I haven’t decided if I should put work related things up here (i.e. painting), or just start another blog. Or maybe even do a silly-ish post here and more serious one on a new blog. I dunno.

Anyhoo, while I wait for the weather to be a bit more agreeable, I wanted to share some sewing inspiration.

First up, I wanted to make a black strappy tank.


I really like the coziness of this one and the rather modest cage. I was planning on using my drafted cami pattern from V9015, taking in the hips a little to reduce the weird curve near the hem. I was thinking of using a nice black eyelet I had in my stash that’s a half yard from doing anything modest with, but at that point, I could also turn it into a tunic so as to not waste fabric. However, being a bias-cut top, I could also use a knit, but I’d have to look at my pathetic knit stash again.


I was also thinking of making another couple of Simplicity 1104, (see my first and second one) filling out the color gaps I lack in this style. 2 yards is all the fabric I need for an unlined dress, so while I have other patterns I could make, this one is incredibly flattering as well as economical. To shake things up, I wanted to try my hand a some pattern hacking. While technically I have done this by shortening V9015 and changing 1104’s neckline to a v-neck, I haven’t really taken one pattern and coaxed multiple variations out of it.

Looking on Pinterest for potential hacks, I didn’t find too many things that caught my eye. Mostly what I found were small details. 7550068ab026435f551581a01e434e4f

I liked the idea of adding a little flounce if I wanted to increase the length. With my rather large hips, a flounce would add some proportion, but it might be a little girly for me.


I also like the detailing on this denim dress. While I think denim exists only to make up jeans (and even then, I rarely wear blue jeans) I do like stripe details and the top stitching. While I doubt I’d do the top stitching, the stripes are completely do-able. If I can find a matching trim. Or get over my love of a simple dress.


I’m also really smitten with this idea: having a decorative, color-blocked lining, perhaps in a monochromatic. It’s simple and elegant, and would also probably lend well to some reverse applique. Will this get done? Well, I’d have to have two fabrics in the correct length and fabric content and weight and color family at the same time, so this possibility is shrinking by the minute. It is something to keep in mind, though.


I also really, really like the idea of turning this pattern into something a bit fancy. I might have a wedding to go to this summer (first one since I was 10!) and the only nice-nice dress I have is A, a bit short so it shows off my hairy legs, B, sewn and lined in a heavy silk so I don’t want to get it dirty with sweating, and C, a bit tight in the hips so it feels a little confining. I like the idea of a floaty chiffon layer and embroidery, but I think the embroidery would make me impatient.

Dharma Trading Company has some nice silks for sale, including (new!) pre-dyed silk chiffon, Charmeuse/Silk Crepe Satin, and silk habotai. If I get a layer of pre-dyed chiffon and habotai, that would be a $30 dress. Undyed it would be $23 plus the cost of dye and supplies and potential stress. Either way, theoretically that’s an amazing savings for a custom fitted, silk dress, buuuut, yeah I doubt it is going to happen.

It probably would be more prudent to thrift something and embroider it. Which I could have done a million times over, but I like classic solids and adamantly dislike the floral motifs so often seen in embroidery.


I’ve also been eyeballing the Anna Dress by By Hand London. I love the long length and high neckline with that sexy slit, but with the price of the pattern, the yards of fabric needed, and my aversion to boat-necks, it’ll probably stay a dream.

I’ve also recently cleaned out my patterns, re-organized my stash, and I do have a few projects to do.

I got two yards of some really pretty (floral, my nemesis!) batik fabric in cream. Well, one yard each of two coordinating fabrics. It’s begging to be a button down with princess seams, alternating fabric in the side panels and sleeves. But. I happen to have an unfinished button down in my stash and I don’t even want to finish that.

I’ve got two different yardages of lovely black fabrics (to add to my rather ridiculous amount of black clothes) and a length of lovely, light-weight yet opaque gray of some mystery fiber. I have a scrap of a lovely gray lace I’m thinking of actually using (gasp!), but none of it is washed. so. I guess I’ll come back later and show my sewing plans with sketches and fabric and all that.

All images can be found on my pinterest board.

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