The Hunt has Ended

We all have those things we really want in our closet; a pair of brown boots, a floor length red skirt, or a really fancy dress. I’m happy to say, that when I went into my customary Goodwill, I had a good feeling, a tremendous feeling, and I thought “Damn it! I didn’t want to spend that much money!”

So I did end up putting a few things back that normally I would have jumped at, but I am 100% happy with the things I scored. Because in my bag include some of those things that I have wanted for many a year.

This week was 50% of purple tag (it changes every week), and while my policy is A) don’t spend over $5 unless it’s very special and B) when on sale, shop the sale, this week the person who clears out the sale items didn’t show up this week! There were things that were good and on sale and I am a happy little Vegemite. Some of those things I had been eyeballing last week, but was feeling kinda meh about the price.

The first of these items was this dress:


This dress is made out of a nice, lightweight cotton and homemade! The arms and neck are finished with a simple bias binding, leaving it nice and breezy for summer. The princess seams turn into curves in the skirt, but only in the front; in the back, the panels flare out. This gives the dress a nice swing without using a crazy ton of fabric, and after I nip in that waist, I might try to reproduce it. As it was 50% off, I got it for $3.50, with is much more manageable than $7.IMG_0606

Here it is with one of my thrifted vintage leather belts. It does nip in the waist nicely, but it would look better with it taken in.


Next I got this beautiful kimono. I found this in the intimate section, which just proves what scores can be found in there! It’s a silk-rayon blend, heavy on the silk, with a light amount of beading and feels simply gorgeous. The brand is Susan Bristol whom I have never heard of, but I like her already. This is one of those items I’ve always wanted. I love the elegance of a nice flowy, sheer over-thing, but it never seemed like a reasonable purchase, especially if I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, and I wanted one in silk. I’m not sure how I’m going to style it, so I just threw it on over the previous dress, but if it feels awkward (which looks a bit likely), I can turn it into a skirt. There is a small hole by the neckline, but at $3, it is a complete steal.


Next up is another thing I’ve wanted for ages: a brown fitted vest. I have a vest that I love in black pinstripe and they are great for cinching in baggy shirts. This one is a little short, rising up in the back, and the buttons are a little finicky, but it looks great on. This one is The Limited, and while I don’t remember where that brand comes from, I do know that I like the quality. I had been planning on actually making a vest from a skirt that my green tailcoat, but at $3, I’m in love, and I think it looks better than if it were matching.


Mmmm, yes. I am quite satisfied with this outfit.


Then I got these two pieces. I actually bought this top for a friend, as it screamed her name when I saw it last week. You don’t know how happy I was when it was still there, half off this week! It’s blue, actually a little more green than purple, with these great shoulder spikes and a sheet back panel that’s longer than the front. You don’t get to see a picture of the back, though. While the idea of Forever 21 kind of disturbs me (really, why is youth so trumpeted? We can be pretty dumb, and I was definitely more so at 21), I really love the material of their knits. I think she’s gonna go mental when she sees it, so $2 it more than a fair price to make I adore overwhelmed.


Next up I got these brown velvet knit pants. Yeah…they are a bit unflattering at the moment, but at $2.50, these Dressbarn pants will become warm, stylish leggings. It’s a really easy refashion and I’ve made a pair with really over-sized black velvet pants, so as these actually fit, it should go a lot easier.

I did mean to take a picture of my refashioned velvet leggings so you can get a feel for what they looked like buuut, well, these are the pictures I got:


So yeah, here are Fred and Shenanigans. The white one is the father.

The last thing I got was…spectacular, amazing, swoon worthy…I give you…IMG_0663

these awesome leather boots! They are Justin boots and they fit like a glove!


I do have a pair of leather boots already, but these are nice and slim and shiny, while my other ones look a bit like I’ve walked through a wasteland and are about twice as wide.


When I saw that, I was scared they were going to charge be $60 for these, but it ended up being $8! I believe they came from the Justin Boot Outlet, which, being a few streets down, makes me like to think they came back full circle to live in Justin.

That is all I got! Which feels like quite a lot. I got the whole bundle, with tax, for $24. Which, yes. Just yes. When I walk into a thrift store and feel the good hunting tingle  (especially that one), I end up walking out with $40 worth of things, so $24 makes me breathe a sigh of relief.


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