Fabric Haul: Super Sale

On Saturday, one of the holy grail of craft stores, Scrap, was having a major fabric sale. All of the materials they sell are donated, so while the materials are cheap, normally the fabric I’m drawn to is either in polyester or small lengths, generally under a yard or slightly over. I have picked out some great fabric over the years (I have red and brown lengths of wool that I’m hoarding), but many not-so-good choices. So much so, that with all the sewing I’ve been doing recently, I don’t have enough fabric to do any of the patterns I want. So, yes, I did actually need this fabric and this $2 A POUND fabric sale was just what I needed.

Let’s get into the haul, yeah?


First up I got this fairly small scrap, enough to do pockets or a colorful facing.


Then I got this really interesting woven with a metallic back and what looks to be a hand-dyed front. I’m really digging this! At 2 1/2 yards, I’m really not sure what I’m going to be doing with this, but it’s enough to make a nice casual dress or a long skirt.


Then I got this really nice sweater knit. I have no idea what the fabric content is, but I’m going to guess acrylic, just based on how many sweaters I’ve ran my hand over while thrifting. At 2 1/3 yards, the options are really endless. I could make some sort of sweater or tights. I really don’t know what else you would do with a sweater knit. It’s a bit darker than pictured, so I think I’ll get quite a bit of use out of whatever I make with it.

File_003 (2)

This one is one of my favorite greens to wear. It’s cotton, light, and at 2 3/4 yards I’m already drooling at the light summer dress it’s going to turn into. I should probably try to make something other than a Simplicity 1104(see Version 1 and Version 2), as I don’t think I need a medium green and a medium-light green version.

File_002 (2)

Next up, I got this black, yes black, velvet. I think it’s probably a cotton velvet, as it’s not too shiny. While I have 3 1/3 yard of the stuff, I have no idea, really, what I’m going to make out of this, as I have a perfect long-sleeve black stretch velvet dress (refashioned), black velvet leggings (refashioned), and a black velvet jacket (thrifted). If I’m being honest, I’ll probably find a life as a winter dress.


Finally, I found a lovely deep red polyester velvet. I have a dress in what seems to be the very same fabric, so at 3 1/4 (ooh, yes) yards, the sky is the limit. I was originally thinking of making a half circle skirt, as a long, deep red skirt is in my dream winter wardrobe.  I’m thinking now, though, that it might be completely decadent as pants. I have a lot of black tops, so fitting it into my wardrobe would not be a problem, but I really wasn’t planning on making pants any time soon. I do have a couple of patterns on hand though, such as Simplicity 1696, 2860, and Burda 7123 (or something very similar), but just look at these:


But my fabric doesn’t have any stretch, so I’ll have to look at the patterns I do have again.


All of these fabrics weighted together was 5 lbs, which means I got this whole stack for $10!!! I’d pay that much, on sale, for maybe 2 yards. Total, I managed to score 14 yards of fabric! Holy cow, that’s really a lot when you add it all together.

I also got three new sewing feet!


A beading foot, a quilting foot, and a rolled hem foot, going from left to right! Hopefully they should all fit on my vintage Singer. oh, and a Princess puppy butt. I think the cashier forget to charge for the feet, but they were only $1-$5 a piece! I think this is probably one the best collection of usable items I’ve bought there. I almost got oodles of black wool, but by itself it was 5 lbs, and it was good I put it back; it smelled of mothballs and, being allergic to wool, I would have needed to find oodles of another fabric to line it with, aaand I would have needed to stash it somewhere. Ah, the dilemmas of sewing.

Anyway, that’s all I got, so I’m off the research pants patterns!


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