Done and Done – V9015 if ya squint


While my cream Simplicity 1104 was ridiculously hard to photograph, I think this V9015 might take the cake. So naturally this was the first one I photographed.

If you follow that link to the original pattern, or you’ve seen my design post, you’ll notice it looks pretty much nothing like the mock ups. I changed the length of view C/D to be 7,” omitted the lace, forewent the ease stitching, bias faced the top as one continuous line, and made straps from the left over bias tape I had made from my cream 1104.

I made it with the same mystery fabric as my cream 1104, but this time with the addition of paint and embroidery. I originally wanted to do this for my green 1104, but I really wanted to do a test garment first. That, and the design I came up with and the color scheme I wanted to stick with would have looked appalling on green.


The only hinky thing was it kinda flares out ridiculously just above my hips, which happens to be the largest part of me and not something I really want to draw the eye to. If I make another camisole, which I might, I’ll probably take down the side seams a bit on the bottom. That makes this top a little harder to style, a definite negative considering I have so little purple in my closet to begin with.

Overall, though, I really like it! If it was just the camisole without the paint, I think I might find it a bit unflattering (what can I say, I like fitted tops). The design, though, speaks to something in me, something that came out in the dreamscape of painting. It’s like wearing that energy, like wearing spell of perfect unity and creativity. I kinda want to be buried in this thing.


Camisole: Made by me (V9015)

Shrug: G, from Sam Moon

Skirt: Planet Gold, from high school sometime

Necklace: little purple rose, Charming Charlies

Ring: Moonstone and Silver, from festival

Shoes: flats of some sort, when I graduated high school

Oh, and come back tomorrow for a tutorial on how I painted and embroidered the top!


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