It’s time to show off- Simplicity 1104 in cream


So here is the first iteration I’ve made of Simplicity 1104. I’m going to say now, that  either this fabric is too hard to photograph (fist shake) or it’s just too bright outside (and I’ll try not to take pictures at noon next time).

The fabric is, again, a mystery! It could be a poly-cotton blend, it could be a rayon, hey, it could even have once been a curtain, no one will ever know. I got it at Scrap for $3 a yard, but for the life of me, I can’t remember if it was 2 yards or 3 yards. All I know, is that it feels great, but somehow got all wrinkly in some of the stitching. That’s about the only thing that’s keeping this from being a perfect dress.  You can tell a little on the hem line in the picture above.

I was originally going to test out some gold fabric paint, make it something nice and fancy, but…yeah that didn’t happen. It’s often that I pare down a project and it looks great as an under-dress to a sheer, embroidered Salwar Chemis, so I’m glad I didn’t go crazy.

The fit is beautiful. I made this dress, oh, sometime last summer, with the idea of wearing it when we went on vacation, so I’m not sure how I got it to fit so well other than pinching out the sides, but even though I’ve only made a handful of items from scratch, I’ve gained my sewing confidence from tailoring thrifted clothes. Somehow I know my own measurement. Artists, you know. I have a good eye for visual repetition.

Anyway, the other flaw in this dress was picking out a zipper that was too short. I don’t think it looks terrible:


but I could have handled it a bit better. Mostly I just folded and tacked the remaining pesky fabric out of the way. I do like the exposed zipper, but I think it also has similar, stabbing spine problems my second one did. I can’t remember, so I suppose it’s not as bad as the green one.

I did bias facing to pretty much finish every edge. Most of the bias tape was made using a bias tape machine, which was intimidating and still a two person job. The pre-made ones I’ve found, both in the fabric stores and at Scrap, seemed to have a lot more structure than the one I made, but I think it was mostly the slightly slinky fabric. Because of the shifting, the hem and the neckline and the armholes are slightly puckery, but, well, I suppose it’s only bias tape so I could conceivably re-do it or swap it for a narrow hem.

It’s not so great for summer, but just what the doctor ordered for those spontaneous warm days we keep having. I swear, it was in the 30’s on Saturday (Fahrenheit, because why would America be like the rest of the world?). I should not be comfortable in that at all, given that it’s January.


Dress: Made by me (Simplicity 1104)

Necklace: from Oozies (can’t beat $1 jewlery)

Ring: Moonstone and silver, from festival

Shoes: Thrifted, Bare Tracks

Pupcake: Shenanigans


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