Prepping Patterns- V9015

So I’m not quite finished with Simplicity 1104, but as I’m a little stuck and waiting for assistance, I’ve redrafted and cut V9015.


Doesn’t she look pleased as punch

Vogue 9015 is a collection of intimates, including two robe variations, and two bias-cut nightdresses, view C and D with varying length and lace placement.

While this view,  C, is rather nightgown-y and sexy, I’ve shortened the length to a camisole top and I’m going to omit the lace for a more everyday look. Reading the instructions, I found that the nightgown is bias tape that merges into the straps, but I plan on using pre-bought tape and maybe doing something like this to the straps:


Click to find tutorial!

The fabric I used is a left over cream mystery fabric I’ve made a dress out of and had just enough for this project.

The reason for making a camisole next is because A, I’ve never sewed anything bias cut even though they make me swoon, and B, because I wanted something small to test out embroidery on.

I was inspired by an embellished moon I painted and phases of the moon.

I’ve been eyeballing this skirt for a long time. Since I’ve started wearing long skirts….
so pretty, but the tights I had set aside to craft with ripped the first time I put them on.

The original sketches I did were for Simplicity 1104, so the details lines are for that, but the design will be in the same place.

Design by me, made to scale.
Small scale design + doodles

For the colors, I plan on keeping with the original painting and using a pale yellow with purple accents. I plan on painting the inside of the circles to create gradation and depth, but for the line work and the dots I plan on using hand embroidery.


Painting by me, detail, 2015.

I’m still debating adding straps around the neckline, such as these:

strappy 2
Love the simple straps, but the length? No no no no no! I’d never wear a crop top in a million years. Yet, I said the same things about leggings…


Love black on black ensembles. Love the straps, if not the plunging neckline.

But it would be in white and I’d be aiming for more of a “design detail” look than sexy.


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