The Current Affair- Simplicity 1104

As we are speaking, I am avoiding puzzling out how to add a zipper to a dress with a lining. The dress in question is Simplicity 1104.


I’ve only sewed a handful of clothes from scratch (mostly I refashion, because fabric is sooo expensive D: ), and this will be the third dress I’ve made. As the first one was a garish kelly green, I’m excited for two completely handmade dresses that are wearable.

I have made this dress once before, in a white mystery fabric that looks great, if a little wrinkly. This time I’m adding a lining.


I may have goofed a little on attaching the lining and relied on the instructions I puzzled out in my head rather than the actual instructions that came with it. I accidentally sewed the side seams together before attaching the lining. It wasn’t that major; I had to bias bound the armholes instead of sewing them to the lining, but that’s nothing I haven’t done before.

Not to shabby!

I was debating some hand embroidery, but I think I’m just going to finish up this sucker and decide later.

I only changed a few things on this dress. I shortened the neckline and turned it into a v-neck. I shortened the length of the dress to it would fit on 45″ fabric. I also took it in from a size 14 to a size 12 from the waist on up. I did take in the original, but failed to mark by how much, so fingers crossed.

Not too much left to go, but I am vaguely concerned about using the blind hem foot I got for Christmas, but thankfully I can practice on the lining.




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